Trump Undermines His Own Secretary of State Over Widespread Russian Cyberattack

 Trump Undermines His Own Secretary of State Over Widespread Russian Cyberattack

After downplaying the seriousness of the huge hacking operation that officials called a “grave danger to the federal government” previously today, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday said Russia was accountable for the potentially extraordinary cyberattack versus federal government and private systems. In an interview on the Mark Levin Show, Pompeo stated it was his belief that “we can state quite clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity,” making him the very first member of the Trump administration to openly blame the Kremlin for the breach of lots of federal and private networks, consisting of the Pentagon and the Treasury and Commerce Departments, the New York City Times reports Pompeo’s initial assessment appeared to dismiss the intensity of the episode, stating Monday such attacks prevailed for the federal government and recommending China, not Russia, was the primary risk. However on Friday, Pompeo seemed to relate to the situation with a new sense of gravity, calling the attack “a really considerable effort”– the complete scope of which stays to be seen. “We’re still unpacking precisely what it is,” Pompeo stated.

At the time of Pompeo’s remarks, President Donald Trump had yet to talk about the cyberattack. Trump resolved the situation for the very first time on Saturday in a tweet, suggesting the situation had been overemphasized by the media and calling into question whether Russia was to blame.

Intelligence companies have apparently informed Congress their belief that the attack was administered by the SVR, a sophisticated Russian intelligence service, and Pompeo’s remarks come amidst installing concern about the level to which U.S. networks have been compromised. (Russia has denied any participation in the hacking.) The attack on the federal government and private business has obviously been underway given that spring, but it was only detected it a couple of weeks back by the economic sector, ranking, according to the Times, “amongst the best intelligence failures of modern times.” The federal government increase its action today, with the freshly developed Cyber Unified Coordination Group– an urgent action group formed by the FBI, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the Workplace of the Director of National Intelligence– calling

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