Trump vetoes $740.5-bn defence bill, calls it ‘present’ to Russia, China

 Trump vetoes $740.5-bn defence bill, calls it ‘present’ to Russia, China

President Donald Trump on Wednesday banned the $7405 billion US defense policy expense, touching off a battle with Congress that could end in his very first override by lawmakers, with Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi promising action next week.

In his veto declaration, Trump called the annual defense measure a “gift” to China and Russia, stating it stopped working “to include vital nationwide security procedures, includes arrangements that stop working to appreciate our veterans and our military’s history.”

Home and Senate members have actually already been alerted that they might be recalled to Washington next week to bypass the veto. The bill passed both chambers with sufficient support to reach the two-thirds limit to overthrow the president, although some members could change their votes.

Pelosi stated in a declaration soon afterward that Congress would begin voting to override on Monday. “The president’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act is an act of incredible recklessness that harms our soldiers, endangers our security and weakens the will of the bipartisan Congress,” the Californi

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