Trumpism can make Prayers’ lives very difficult

 Trumpism can make Prayers’ lives very difficult

Donald Trump may have lost the election, his influence remains, writes Roberta N. Her. Good chance that the country will be politically paralyzed in the coming years.

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We’d all seen it coming. If Donald Trump lost, he’d accuse the Democrats of stealing the election. He wasn’t disappointed in that respect, because the day after the election he already started with the allegations.

Even in some corners of the Republican party, the influence of his hyperbolic accusations is diminishing. It’s hard to argue that the votes pass away helped Republican Senators in their re-election, while at the same time not counting for the presidential race. Moreover, the legal complaints pass away Trumps campaign in courts across the country did not get far. Twelve lawsuits have already been dismissed by the courts.

It seems that attempted election fraud did take place, but by Trump mega- donor Louis DeJoy, pass away is the boss of U.S. Postal Service. Two days after the election, the USPS admitted that at least 150,000 ballots had not yet been delivered, including 12,000 in five states where it was so exciting that there was no result.

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Add to that the image of two groups of Trump trailers demonstrating pass away at the same time. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, they shouted “Stop satisfied counting” because Trump was ahead. In Arizona, they shouted ‘Count all votes’, because Trump was behind them. The result is a confusing message about why Trump presided

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