Trump’s coup surpasses a grift: The president is frantically looking for any course to stay in power

 Trump’s coup surpasses a grift: The president is frantically looking for any course to stay in power

For weeks now, Donald Trump’s hopes of stealing the 2020 presidential election from the winner, Joe Biden, have actually been fading The dumbest and worst president in American history continued sending out fundraising appeals to his constantly gullible supporters, providing birth to the theory– to which I, personally, subscribed— that Trump’s coup is little more than another one of his numerous plans to defraud people. After all, the Trump campaign invested extremely little on the real legal efforts to challenge the election and rerouted the majority of the cash into what is most likely going to be used as a slush fund for Trump and his household.

And yet, as Maggie Haberman and Zolan Kanno-Youngs reported in the New york city Times on Saturday, Trump is deep in talks with an increasingly unhinged cast of characters, all of whom think there need to be a method to take the election despite the fact that the Electoral College made Biden’s win official recently. The president welcomed conspiracy theorists like his previous attorney Sidney Powell and previous nationwide security consultant Gen. Michael Flynn to the White Home on Friday to discuss a possible statement of martial law as a last-ditch effort to force a second vote in some swing states. That tip originated from the disgraced Flynn, who has actually been involved in violently overbearing work on behalf of Turkey’s authoritarian leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The group likewise discussed “an executive order to take control of voting makers to analyze them,” though it’s uncertain what that would achieve. There’s no reason to think the ballot makers were hacked and it’s not likely that Trump’s group has the technical know-how to modify the makers to produce vote tallies more pleasing to Trump.

The chattering politicos of Twitter reacted to news of such a strange phenomenon by arguing about the odd positioning of the short article on page A28 in the New york city Times print edition, with one side arguing that the president considering a military coup is significant news no matter what, and the opposite arguing that because Trump isn’t going to

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