Trump’s Disinformation Campaign Threatens to Weaken the Government

 Trump’s Disinformation Campaign Threatens to Weaken the Government

T he “continuity of federal government” issue is an artifact of the nuclear age. The fear of a first-strike targeting nuclear weapons against the president and others at the greatest levels of the U.S. federal government led to many simulations and workouts, none of them really reassuring.

The problem resurfaced after the September 11 th attacks when it became known that the fourth aircraft seized by al Qaeda was headed to the Capitol and would have struck throughout early morning company in the House, with many members in attendance or on the Capitol grounds. Following 9/11, the Commission on the Continuity of Federal Government was created, of which I was a member.

This Commission likewise recognized the risk presented by a cyberattack, crippling our details networks. This is essentially an important facilities problem of some intricacy and it will require time for us to develop appropriate doctrines to make sure the continuity of government if web communications are interdicted or their material is stealthily jeopardized.

In the next couple of weeks, it might be that an uncommon connection of federal government crisis will develop that I for one never ever dreamed of. The novelty of the problem emerges from the possibility that disinformation would corrupt the precise public perception of events and that the source of this disinformation may be the president. Hence a prospective lapse in the continuity of the nationwide command authority would arise from acts of the president himself and those around him.

Initially, what do we do if the presidential workplace– including the shift to a brand-new administration– is disabled by a project of disinformation sowing prevalent doubt regarding who rightfully holds the nationwide command authority? A variety of developments– some thoroughly managed such as the efforts to avoid the certification of electors and theatrical interview to showcase

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