Trump’s Legal Fight for the Election is a Mess

 Trump’s Legal Fight for the Election is a Mess

In spite of some prospective proof of real fraud, the president’s legal team have actually kneecapped themselves at every turn.

Having spent far excessive time in recent days sorting through claims of extensive citizen scams in the 2020 election, I viewed the press conference with Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell Thursday with interest.

Here are several key takeaways, in no particular order:

1) The choice to utilize electronic ballot in the United States was bound to cause this sort of mess

At this point, the Trump administration has filed many lawsuits, with a lot of affidavits, and has actually made such far-reaching claims of scams, that it’s almost difficult to arrange through them to understand what, if anything, has actually been proven However, one thing they certainly have shown, beyond any reasonable doubt, is that electronic voting is an awful idea.

Notification, I do not say that anyone has actually proven that any fraud in fact happened using electronic ballot makers in the 2020 election. They haven’t. Sidney Powell has actually provided many uncomfortable concerns about the vulnerabilities of electronic ballot machines. Since yet, nevertheless, we have no hard proof that any person in fact made use of those vulnerabilities (if they exist).

This is a distinction that numerous Trumpists are unfortunately stopping working to make. Casting broad doubts about the security of voting makers does not show that the election was stolen. Such doubts, even if they end up being well-founded, will almost certainly be inadequate to persuade any judge to revoke a single vote, not to mention reverse the entire election result.

However, what’s particular is that electronic voting is highly susceptible to the type of doubt and suspicion that Sidney Powell, et al, are casting on it. It was only a matter of time. For this factor alone, the states ought to never have touched electronic ballot.

When a vote is cast on a paper, you can see that paper, hold that paper, and store that paper; you can pull it out later, and match signatures, and recount it. When a vote goes into a computer system, and becomes a series of 1sts and 0s, nobody– except for those who developed and control the software– knows or can physically see what ended up being of that vote. Keeping copies of the physical ballots not does anything to mitigate these concerns, since in many cases there will be no recount of those tallies. The computer’s processor and memory hence have the final say.

No quantity of technical mumbo-jumbo or even actual security can ever remove the appearance of the untrustworthiness of electronic ballot. Inevitably someone will ask, “If clever people make phony videos featuring international leaders that are undetected as frauds, then why couldn’t creative individuals also phony votes?” There’s no persuading riposte to that concern.

In some cases, understanding is truth. Electronic voting is among those cases. The understanding that a ballot device can alter a vote (whether this is true) casts a pall of doubt on democracy itself. The nation needs to leave the electronic ballot company, ASAP.

2) There is a lot of bad reporting in the media, but a great deal of the blame rests on Trump, his legal team and the magnitude, complexity and implausibility of their claims

Trump’s lawyers invested a lot of time at the podium lecturing the media on their “phony” reporting on the scams claims. No doubt, after 4 years of mainstream media malpractice, they have reason for making this claim.

However, the moralistic lecturing was myopic and disadvantageous, just since even truthful reporters (if there are any left) have been entrusted to their heads spinning by the amount and magnitude of the claims the Trump administration is putting out t

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