Trump’s unusual Georgia play: He wishes to reveal Republicans he’s still the boss

 Trump’s unusual Georgia play: He wishes to reveal Republicans he’s still the boss

Despite having begrudgingly enabled the General Solutions Administration to provide an “ascertainment” that Joe Biden is the president-elect and the normal transition process might start, Donald Trump is still non-stop flogging the lie that the election was stolen by the Democrats and he is the rightful winner. And he’s sending out an everyday fusillade of emails begging for cash, with the supposed objective of overturning the results.

There is no record of just how much the Trump project have raised with his grift. According to some reports, they were taking in $10 million a day quickly after the election was called. It appears Group Trump plans to utilize most of the cash for a post-presidency slush fund, either to finance Trump’s hypothetical 2024 run or to curry favors with Republican politicians. I don’t believe we require to wonder whether any of it will end up in Trump’s pockets, due to the fact that of course it will.

So far, the legal difficulties have all been thrown away of court because they offered no genuine evidence. As soon as all the legal representatives who appreciated their credibilities dropped out, the only ones left were a clown automobile loaded with fools driven by Rudy Giuliani, with the much more delusional legal sidekick Sidney Powell riding shotgun.

Powell was shoved out the door this week when her conspiracy theories proved to be excessive even for the Trump campaign, which should inform you everything you require to understand. For a worked-up, cult-like base primed by the likes of Pizzagate and QAnon to think anything, Powell’s wild stories about how the election was taken from Trump make perfect sense.

Powell’s “theory” isn’t worth going into here due to the fact that it’s utter rubbish But that’s not the reason she was canned. She made the error of stating that Republicans and Democrats alike were on the take, which didn’t sit well with the party. Her bigger error was in focusing on Georgia and ranting against Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, the pair of Republican incumbents who are combating to hold their seats– and a GOP Senate bulk– in the January runoff elections. And Powell had the audacity to air some of the celebration’s dirty laundry.

Recall that Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia was one of Trump’s made guys in Congress, vociferously safeguarding him through thick and thin. When Sen. Johnny Isakson resigned due to poor health, Trump desired Republican politician Gov. Brian Kemp to appoint Collins to the Senate. Kemp preferred the moneyed-up Loeffler — who, together with her

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