Typical antidepressant may lower lethal COVID-19 issues

 Typical antidepressant may lower lethal COVID-19 issues
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As mental health specialists are facing a wave of pandemic-related stress and anxiety and depression, a physician-researcher at The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences is studying whether a typically recommended antidepressant might in fact battle the impacts of the coronavirus itself.

Much better known by customers under the brand name Prozac, fluoxetine is among the most often prescribed medications in America. Mostly, it’s used to deal with , depression and

However as the pandemic developed a foothold in the United States, Dr. Cheryl McCullumsmith, professor and chair of the UToledo Department of Psychiatry, remembered something else about fluoxetine– a substantial amount of research has revealed it to have outstanding anti-inflammatory homes.

A lot more intriguing was that fluoxetine has been revealed to block expression of a cell-signaling protein called Interleukin-6.

” Interleukin-6 is sort of the signal that the body thinks it has to go all in to combat the infection, and the body’s all-in is called a cytokine storm,” McCullumsmith said. “The body realizes it might d

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