U.S. election live updates: Biden to give speech tonight, holds narrow lead over Trump in four key states

 U.S. election live updates: Biden to give speech tonight, holds narrow lead over Trump in four key states

The latest:

  • Updated vote tally margins as counting continues in these swing states: Arizona: Joe Biden leads by 36,835 votes | Nevada: Biden leads by 22,657 votes | Pennsylvania: Biden leads by 19,584 votes | Georgia: Biden leads by 4,289 votes | North Carolina: Donald Trump leads by 76,737 votes
  • Joe Biden is expected to give a prime-time speech to Americans tonight
  • Philadelphia police probe alleged plot to attack vote counting venue

Live U.S. election results map: Watch Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s presidential battle, state by state

10: 50 p.m. ET

Biden addresses the nation

Joe Biden says he is already preparing to assume the presidency even though he has not been declared the winner in his race against President Donald Trump.

“I want people to know we’re not waiting to get the work done,” he said late Friday in remarks to the nation.

“The numbers tell us a clear and convincing story.”

Biden said he and his running mate, Kamala Harris, have held briefings on the coronavirus and the economy this week as the U.S. records record daily cases.

He noted nearly 240,000 people have died from the pandemic and said he wants those families to know they aren’t alone.

He also addressed the millions of Americans who remain out of work and are struggling to pay rent or buy food.

“We don’t have any more time to waste on partisan warfare,” he said.

– The Associated Press

9: 30 p.m. ET

Incumbent Perdue to face Ossoff in Georgia U.S. Senate seat runoff

Republican U.S. Sen. David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff will face off in a Jan. 5 runoff in Georgia for Perdue’s Senate seat.

Libertarian candidate Shane Hazel was able to get enough votes so that neither Perdue or Ossoff was able to clear the 50% threshold needed for an outright win.

Thousands of absentee ballots and in-person votes cast early needed to be counted after Election Night passed, forcing a long and tense wait before the race could be called.

The contest has already seen huge spending from outside groups on both sides and millions of dollars more are expected to pour into the state ahead of the runoff.

The race between Ossoff and Perdue, a close ally of President Donald Trump, has been characterized by sharp attack ads but relatively moderate political positions.

Both candidates pivoted to the middle vying for a state Trump won handily four years ago, but where swaths of suburbia have shown signs of disillusionment with the president.

Perdue sought to cast Ossoff as backing a “radical socialist agenda,” while Ossoff portrayed Perdue as a “corrupt” Washington insider who has been part of a botched pandemic response.

– The Associated Press

7: 45 p.m. ET

Armed men arrested near Philadelphia vote counting location

Two men armed with loaded handguns were arrested Thursday near the Philadelphia convention centre where an ongoing vote count could decide the presidential election, police said.

Joshua Macias, 42, and Antonio LaMotta, 61, travelled from the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area in a Hummer and did not have permits to carry the weapons in Pennsylvania, police said.

They were arrested after the FBI in Virginia relayed a tip about their plans to Philadelphia police.

Macias and LaMotta’s arrests drew outsized attention amid heightened tensions over the undecided presidential race, but officials cautioned against reading too much into them.

Macias had posted a video to Facebook showing him outside the convention centre wearing a T-shirt for “Veterans for Trump,” a group for which he was a founding member.

“We are in a fight for America as we know it. We’re not going to give up our freedoms,” he said in the video.

– The Associated Press

5: 33 p.m. ET

Biden, Harris to speak to Americans in prime-time TV address

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is expected to deliver remarks Friday along with running mate Kamala Harris.

Biden has scheduled a prime-time address on the presidential contest as votes continue to be counted in several battleground states. Biden is on the cusp of victory as he opened narrow leads over President Donald Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Harris has appeared alongside Biden during his remarks in recent days but has not made any public comments herself on the state of the race. A campaign official confirmed she will speak Friday night before Biden does.

The California senator has been at a hotel in Wilmington, Delaware, with her family since Tuesday night.

The Associated Press has not yet declared a winner in Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Alaska.

– The Associated Press

3: 18 p.m. ET

U.S. agency counters voter fraud claims, doesn’t mention Trump

The federal agency that oversees U.S. election security is pushing back at unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud without mentioning that President Donald Trump is making unfounded allegations about the vote count.

A new statement from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency notes that local

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