U.S. Elections 2020 Live: Joe Biden Approaches Presidential Victory, Gap Narrows in Pennsylvania and Georgia

 U.S. Elections 2020 Live: Joe Biden Approaches Presidential Victory, Gap Narrows in Pennsylvania and Georgia

Joe Biden, closer than boy competing with the 270 electors, said he was special about his victory. Donald Trump, who also thinks so, has called for a suspension of the count in three key states: Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.



    • All polling stations have closed, but c s each state gets rid of a specific schedule for counting absentee ballots , the full count will take a particular amount of time.
    • In Wisconsin and Michigan, won by Biden, and Pennsylvania, where the results are expected to be close, Republicans are calling for a recount or a suspension of the count. This heralds the beginning of a judicial guerrilla war.
    • 160 million voters cast their ballots on Tuesday, November 3, to decide whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. An estimated 66.9% turnout, unseen since 1900.
    • Across the country elections were held in parallel with the rental elections, for the House of Representatives (all 435 seats) and the Senate (33 of the 100 seats). They are a major stake in the balance of political forces in the country.
    • Follow live on Le Monde. fr this third day since the vote, as well as the latest results with our journalists in Paris, Washington, D.C., Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida.
    • Thursday morning, Le Monde has decided to go back to child interpretation of the provisional results in Arizona The AP news agency, on which Le Monde relies exclusively, attributed this key state to Joe Biden as early as Wednesday morning but while the vote count is still in progress, the gap is closing sharply between the Democratic candidate and Donald Trump. We now consider that both can win again in Arizona
    • Who are the journalists mobilized for this live coverage? In Paris, Aude Lasjaunias and Marie Slavicek, as well as our correspondents and special envoys in the United States: Pierre Bouvier, Corine Lesnes, Arnaud Leparmentier, Stéphanie Le Bars, Gilles Paris and Raphaëlle Rérolle.

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    Vous avez raison de le rappeler: one of the “feats of arms” of the Trump administration was the rental, just one week after its setup in the White House in 2016, of what the American press called “muslim ban”. This means that nationals of seven countries with a Muslim majority are banned from entering the United States for ninety days. All refugees are banned from entering the United States for 120 days. Donald Trump said at the time “to protect the country against the entry of foreign terrorists” . The decree was quickly blocked by the courts. A second and third version of the decree will follow, but the repetition will be blocked in court.

    More than 1 million Muslim Americans participated in the November 3 election, and nearly 70 percent of them supported Democratic candidate Joe Biden, according to data from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

    During the last televised presidential face-off, former Barack Obama’s former vice president did not announce any measures as such, but he was highly critical of the outgoing administration’s “criminal” immigration policy and its discriminatory policy towards minorities. Donald Trump “fills oil on every racist fire” , he said, before mentioning the so-called “muslim ban”.

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    On November 3, 2020, on the sidelines of the presidential election, elections for the post of governor were held in eleven states and two American territories. In the case of Pennsylvania, Democratic Governor Tom Wolf was re-elected for a second four-year term in November 2018, more than 17 points ahead of Republican challenger Scott Wagner.

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    On this fracture of American society, we can only advise you to read our in-house survey:

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    La possibilité de voter par correspondance a été élargie cette année en raison de la crise sanitaire dans plusieurs Etats du pays. According to an Ipsos survey for the Reuters news agency carried out in August, nearly half of the Democrats expressed their intention to use this device for this election, compared with only 25 Republicans. This was confirmed by initial data collected in the pivotal states, reported at the end of September The New York City Times. Moreover, since Donald Trump had previously voiced a number of criticisms of this voting system, it seemed logical that his supporters were more inclined to travel to body offices.

    This phenomenon was also demonstrated in the 2018 Arizona Senate race. The first post-election count put Republican Martha McSally ahead of her Democratic rival Kyrsten Sinema. But there were still nearly a million absentee ballots to be counted, and a week later, Ms. Sinema was finally declared the winner.

    Record election spending this year

    About $14 billion. This is the total amount spent by U.S. candidates in the presidential and congressional elections of2020 An all-time record. That’s nearly double the amount of money bet in the 2016 election, and more than triple the amount bet in the 2000 election, according to the Center for Responsive politics, an independent institute that analyzes election spending.

    However, while spending may be flying from record to record, candidates who can afford to gamble millions on their political future are far from assured of being elected.

    The year 2020 was a shining example of this: the Democrats, who dreamed of regaining control of the Senate by throwing their weight behind a few key Senate battles, have paid the price. Democrat Jaime Harrison was easily defeated by Lindsey Graham after spending a record $108 million, far more than his opponent.

    The Republicans also lost some costly bets, but their losses were less spectacular: they had raised more than $10 million to prevent the re-election in New York of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a young star on the left wing of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives. To no avail. “AOC”, as she is nicknamed, crushed Republican John Cummings.

    So why spend so much? Put Michael Malbin, professor of political science at the State University of New York (SUNY), the growing polarization of the Trump years may have had a lot to do with it. The ‘motivation’ is one of the essential elements for donor promotion, he says. But ” anger and rejection”–of Trumpism on the one hand, ” leftists” on the other–” are more powerful inspirational factors” than support for a given cause, he explains.

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    Joe Biden, a promis de donner la priorité absolue

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