U.S. Elections: Joe Biden Close to Victory After Fourth Night of Tough Scrutiny

 U.S. Elections: Joe Biden Close to Victory After Fourth Night of Tough Scrutiny

The Democratic presidential hopeful for United States, Joe Biden, is close to winning at the end of the fourth night of an agonizing election, which each time leaves the real president, Donald Trump, with less chance of being re-elected.

After more than 24 hours without changes in the Electoral College, Biden maintains 264 delegates (although some media question Arizona’s 11) against Trump’s 214. Both need a minimum of 270 to win the election.

Several states continue to have close scrutinies – Arizona, Nevada or Georgia – although the key to ending the long count is Pennsylvania, which with its 20 electoral votes would automatically give the Democrat victory.

At the moment, Biden is leading the count in a Pennsylvania with 99 votes counted by just four tenths, 49.6 % to 49.2 %.

It may not seem much, but the 28 877 votes that now separate the Kid candidates are a huge turnaround from the nearly 700 000 with which Trump beat Biden on election night in that so-called “blue wall” state.

Biden has also managed to turn the tally around in Georgia, where he now leads Trump by just 4 020 votes, a very close margin with the almost complete count that will lead to a recount in the coming days.

Georgia is assigning 16 delegates to the Electoral College and, like Pennsylvania’s , Trump needs them for an increasingly unlikely victory.

The third state in contention is Nevada, with Biden at 49.8 percent and Trump at 48 percent. A difference of 22

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