U.S. elections, Middle East, pandemic and new challenges: Ben Ami’s analysis

 U.S. elections, Middle East, pandemic and new challenges: Ben Ami’s analysis

( Teleborsa)– Nearly three weeks after the U.S. elections, yesterday Donald Trump authorized the transition of power with Joe Biden, while still not recognizing the defeat and ensuring that his “battle” to overturn the outcome of the vote that attributed the victory to the Democratic candidate “continues”, “we will win”. Beyond the controversy, the exquisitely political fact is that the President-elect is taking great strides towards the White House while he holds a question: what will happen with the handover?

With the forthcoming inauguration of the new democratic administration led by Obama’s former deputy and his deputy Kamala Harris, there are great expectations about a possible change in the American foreign policy, especially in the Middle Eastern chessboard, land of ancient conflicts, even if a change that meets all expectations will not be a short-term goal.

” The U.S.’s gradual withdrawal from the Middle East began with Obama(as part of his Pivot to the East strategy and as a consequence of American failure both in the Middle East wars and in attempts at Arab-Israeli speed) and was pursued with particular emphasis by Trump. What Biden would probably do — known to be critical of Erdogan’s assault on the Kurds and his “flirtation” with Russia — however, is to end Trump’s complicity with Erdogan,” notes Shlomo Ben Ami – former Foreign Minister of Israel who led the speed talks with the Palestinians in the last two years of the Clinton administration, as well as an academic figure of absolute prominence who gave a long interview– conducted by Marco Emanuele– to The Science of Where Magazine, directed by E milio Albertario.

Biden– again emphasizes Ben Ami– “would also renegotiate the Iranian nuclear agreement from which Trump had withdrawn: would aspire, at least hopefully, to ra

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