UFC Fighters go to bat for Donald Trump following claims of election scams

 UFC Fighters go to bat for Donald Trump following claims of election scams

UFC, Colby Covington, Donald Trump

Several UFC fighters, consisting of Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal, have thrown their support behind Donald Trump following his claims of election fraud.

Donald Trump and previous United States Vice President Joe Biden have actually remained in a tight race to identify the nation’s next President.

Trump had originally opened as a huge underdog to Biden, but those chances swayed greatly in the President’s favor in the late evening of November 4.

However, by the early morning of November 5, the odds had actually shifted back in favor of Joe Biden. Regardless of the reality that a number of the key swing states were still in play, Donald Trump avoided to victory in the early hours of Wednesday early morning. The bold Governmental prospect likewise claimed that the Democrats were still busy attempting to steal the election.

Trump has since lawyered up and plans to have states carried out in a number of the fiercely contested states. A lot of Trump’s supporters have actually backed his conspiracy claims and that consists of numerous UFC Fighters.

As seen below, the similarity Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal and many other fighters have actually called “foul play” on social networks in hopes of making Donald Trump a “fair” chance at re-election.

Over 130 k votes magically disposed off for China Joe in Michigan with 0 for POTUS while we all slept.

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