Unmasked COVID-19 myths make it through online, despite truths

 Unmasked COVID-19 myths make it through online, despite truths

CHICAGO (AP)– From speculation that the coronavirus was produced in a lab to scam treatments, an overwhelming quantity of false details holds on to COVID-19 as it circled the globe in 2020.

Public health authorities, truth checkers and doctors attempted to quash numerous rumors in myriad ways. However false information around the pandemic has actually sustained as vexingly as the infection itself. And with the U.S., U.K. and Canada rolling out vaccinations this month, many frauds are seeing a renewal online.

A take a look at five persistent misconceptions around COVID-19 that were shared this year and continue to travel:


In reality, they do.

However, mixed messaging early on triggered some confusion.

The early messaging gave people “a little more space to use up these stories” against wearing masks, discussed Stephanie Edgerly, a communications professor at Northwestern University.

Some social networks users, for instance, are still circulating a video from March of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. federal government’s leading contagious disease expert, saying people “must not be walking around with masks,” although he has because prompted people to cover their faces in public. Variations of that clip have actually been viewed millions of times on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Online declares that masks are not an effective type of protect

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