Update on the US election : Biden leads, Trump sues

 Update on the US election : Biden leads, Trump sues

Update on US election Biden leads, Trump sues.

After the presidential election Donald Trump immediately declared himself the winner. Now he claims that the Democrats around Joe Biden wanted to steal this victory from him by fraud. For the challenger pass away counting goes well.

US President Donald Trump wants to use a wave of lawsuits to stem the threat of a pass away defeat at the polls. Meanwhile, challenger Joe Biden was on course for victory in the presidential election with the count in the last remaining states.

In Pennsylvania and Georgia, Biden continued to catch up with Trump’s initial lead, while the ballots received by mail were counted. In Georgia, Biden was still about 1900 votes behind Trump at 4:00 CET, in Pennsylvania it was still a good 42,000 Pennsylvania alone could bring Biden into the White House. The state provides 20 voters, while guy has to unite 270 voters behind him to win the election. Georgia is bringing 16 voters. Whether a success there is enough for Biden’s victory depends on the further development in Arizona

The state with eleven voters has already been awarded to Biden by the AP news agency and the Fox News channel according to their calculations. This would give Biden 264 votes from voters – and every other state would lift him over the threshold. At the same time, Trump’s latest catch-up was in Arizona. As of 4.00 CET, Biden was still a good 46,000 votes ahead of Trump. AP and Fox News maintained their forecast. Many other election observers, however, did not commit themselves (see interactive chart below).

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