US election 2020 live results: Donald Trump faces Joe Biden in tight presidential race

Which states haven’t been called?

This table shows an estimate for the quantity of votes remaining to be counted in each state where the winner is not yet known, and the variety of votes separating the existing prominent prospect from the second-placed party (the margin). Taken together the two things recommend how much scope there is for the positions to alter in the last count.

State Votes left to count (est.) Existing margin Present leader
% votes
Georgia 2% 100,000 22,567 Trump
North Carolina 6% 348,000 76,701 Trump
Pennsylvania 11% 784,000 164,418 Trump
Nevada 25% 398,000 7,647 Biden
Alaska 50% 191,000 54,610 Trump

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How does the election work?

The winner of the e

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