US election results: The race is Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

 US election results: The race is Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

US Wahlen Resultate: So steht es im Rennen um die Präsidentschaft zwischen Donald Trump und Joe Biden in den USA.

Who will win the 2020 presidential elections? Here you can follow the results live Picture: shutterstock/watson

Results of the US elections: This is the race Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

We have waited a long time, now on November 3rd the time has come: In the USA the president will be elected. The Republican incumbent Donald Trump will compete against the Democratic challenger Joe Biden. What the current results of the race for the White House seat look like, you can find out here.

The elections are coming to an end, but it is a close race. To help you keep track of who’s in the lead and whose chances are best, we have provided you with an overview of the results here:

The US election results

The US election is nearing its close.

Pass Away Dates: Results refer to figures from the Associated Press.

Note: You don’t see a map here? This way.

Results from the Swing States

In the beginning Donald Trump presented powerful results in the Swing States. Meanwhile Joe Biden could pass away results in Arizona (not yet decided) as well as in Wisconsin and Michigan in his favor.

These Swing States are the ones that matter now

As of: Thursday, 19.45

  • Arizona:
    Biden is ahead with 50.5%to 48.1%
    Difference: 68’390 votes
  • Nevada:
    Biden is ahead with 49.5%to 48.5%
    difference: 11,438 votes
  • Georgia:
    Trump is ahead with 49.5%to 49.2%
    difference: 13,540 votes
  • North Carolina:
    Trump is in the lead with 50.0% over 48.6%
    Difference: 76,737 votes
  • Pennsylvania:
    Trump is in the lead with 50.3% over 48.6%
    Difference: 111,400 votes

There are now only six states from which no result is yet known. Alaska is not a Swing State and will most likely go to Donald Trump. That leaves Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania

Joe Biden is currently ahead in Nevada and Arizona. If he wins this or any other state that’s still open, he’s the next president of the U.S.A.

For Donald Trump it looks more difficult. He would still have to overturn the result in Nevada or Arizona and maintain his lead in all other states. In Georgia, however, this lead melted down noticeably in the night to Thursday.

Texas– 38 voters:

Result 2020: At the beginning it looked like Biden could pass away Experience in Texas. But now it’s clear: This heavyweight goes to Donald Trump.

Comment: Texas is the biggest among the Swing States. In the last elections the Republican candidate always won. Pass away poll results from this state are so close that it is considered a Battlefield State this year. Since this week Donald Trump is ahead of Joe Biden with 1.3 percentage points.

Poll results (from 2.11): Donald Trump ( 1.3 percentage points)

Result of the 2016 election: Donald Trump ( 9 percentage points)

More on the US elections 2020:

Florida– 29 voters:

Result 2020: Donald Trump wins Florida also in 2020.

Comment: When Trump won Florida in 2016, things got tight for Hillary Clinton. The result was pretty close and a recount was called for, but it never happened. In the last four elections the Republican candidate won here three times.

Poll result (from 2.11): Joe Biden ( 2.1 percentage points)

Results of the 2016 election: Donald Trump ( 1.2 percentage points)

Pennsylvania– 20 voters:

Results 2020: Noch

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