US election: what Joe Biden’s presidency means for the EU

 US election: what Joe Biden’s presidency means for the EU

The EU has good reason to be enthusiastic as United States president-elect Joe Biden starts to assemble his White House cabinet ahead of his inauguration in January.

The victorious Democrat is expected to hand the role of secretary of state to his veteran aide Antony Blinken, who is understood for his pro-European stance. A previous deputy secretary of state in Barack Obama’s administration, Blinken has “ expressed scepticism about Brexit” and will be entrusted with fixing the damage done to US alliances over the past 4 years, The Times reports.

The tipped appointment has actually set tongues wagging in both Washington and Brussels about Biden’s strategies to revive US-EU relations, which came under significant stress during Trump’s troubled presidency

Who will be Biden’s essential allies?

The former vice president deals with a significant job in fixing the damage done to international relations by the Donald Trump administration. As secretary of state, Blinken will lead this push to “reconstruct alliances torn by Trump’s America First approach”, states Politico

Biden currently seems making overtures to old good friends in Europe, while avoiding anxious Trump-era alliances with populist strongmen such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban Following the confirmation of Biden’s election success previously this month, the future United States leader phoned France’s President Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ireland’s Taoiseach Micheal Martin and – regardless of talk of stress with the UK – Boris Johnson.

That call list “used a clear reaffirmation of US-European ties and a signal of a more comprehensive return to normalcy in foreign relations ahead”, The New York Times reports.

” Paired with the noticeable silence of more authoritarian leaders”, Biden’s option of phone pals ” supplied early hints of a reordering of American allies and villains”, the paper continues.


An overall of 21 of the 27 members of the EU are likewise part of Nato, numerous European leaders will aspire to find out Biden’s prepare for the shared defence bloc, which was denounced as “obsolete” by Trump

Biden has “pledged to bring back and broaden the 1949 alliance”, and said in 2015 that if he won the White House, one of his first acts in the Oval Workplace would be call a meeting of Nato leadership to “explain that w

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