US Elections 2020 : Trump faces further defeat in court – Twitter wants to hand over POTUS account to Biden at inauguration

 US Elections 2020 : Trump faces further defeat in court – Twitter wants to hand over POTUS account to Biden at inauguration
In contesting the election results, incumbent US President Donald Trump and his Republican allies suffered another defeat. In the state of Georgia , Judge Steven Grimberg denied a conservative lawyer’s motion for an injunction to stop, among other things, pass away certification of the election results. Trump has also been defeated in lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada

The Georgia court also rejected a plaintiff’s attack on postal votes. Granting the plaintiff’s petition for an injunction would ” create confusion, undermine public confidence in the election, and potentially exclude more than one million of Georgia’s voters,” it said in the grounds of the Friday (local time) judgment.

The online service Twitter will hand over the official president’s account @POTUS to President-elect Joe Biden on the day of the inauguration – even if the current president Donald Trump does not admit defeat until then. This was confirmed by Twitter on Friday (local time) on the internet portal ” Politico”. The same applies to pass away official accounts of the White House @whitehouse, the Vice President @VP, the First Woman @FLOTUS as well as some other accounts connected with the office of the President

US President-elect Joe Biden has criticized pass away decision by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to phase out some corona programs. The move is “extremely irresponsible,” according to a statement released on Friday by his transition team.

In view of the growing health and economic crises, the state’s ability to support the economy should be strengthened. Mnukhin had previously surprisingly announced an end to certain measures procured in the spring and demanded that the Federal Reserve pay back some $455 billion to Congress The Fed also criticized the move.

US President-elect Joe Biden and the Democratic leadership in Congress have called for the adoption of a further Corona economic stimulus package by the end of the year . Biden, pass away Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leading Democrat, Chuck Schumer, agreed to this in a statement by the President-Elect on Friday evening (local time).

In the US state of Georgia, the highest ranking election official has confirmed the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election. Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, on Friday authenticated the final result of 2.47 million votes for Biden, 2.46 million votes for President Donald Trump and for the third candidate Jo Jorgensen, pass away on 62

With the confirmation of the election results, Trump’s campaign team now has two working days to request a recount, as the lead is within 0.5 percentage points.

Not only pass away contents of the press conference of Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani provide topics for discussion: While the long-time personal lawyer of the US president answered questions from journalists in the spotlight of the cameras and delivered more and more attacks against the outcome of the lost presidential election, suddenly dark color dripped down his temples Repeatedly the 76-year-old dabbed the sweat from his face, but pass away trickles of color continued to run down his cheeks for minutes.

” Does Trump really believe that Rudolph Giuliani is helping him?” asked the Democratic Member of the House of Representatives, Hakeem Jeffries, on Twitter.

” In the history of crazy Rudy press conferences, this could be his masterpiece,” joked comedian Jimmy Fallon

The lawyers of Donald Trump dive deeper and deeper into conspiracy theories in their attacks against the outcome of the lost presidential election:

Joe Biden is celebrating his 78 birthday this Friday When he takes office on January 20, he will be the oldest of the 46 presidents in the history of the United States.

His modifi cation and health were supported by the current president Donald Trump z

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