US elections: So adventurously, Trump’s lawyers explain his election defeat

 US elections: So adventurously, Trump’s lawyers explain his election defeat

The U.S. President’s attorneys are embroiled in conspiracy theories.

„Wir können nicht zulassen, dass diese Gauner die Wahl von den Amerikanern stehlen.“ Quelle: AP

Rudy Giuliani

” We cannot let these crooks steal the election from the Americans.”

( Photo: AP )

Washington Pass away Lawyers of Donald Trump delve deeper and deeper into conspiracy theories in their attacks against the outcome of the lost presidential election Among other things they claim that Pass Away Democrats rigged the election with the help of Venezuelan Communists. They also insist on the repeatedly refuted allegations that software applications used in the counting process converted votes for President Trump in favor of his victorious challenger Joe Biden.

At the same time, pass away Trump’s site lost in proceedings before courts in the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona on Thursday alone. So far, the Trump site has collected more than 30 slips in court, with a small success. Trump’s longtime attorney and confidant Rudy Giuliani, has announced further lawsuits.

Biden called Trump’s blocking attitude “completely irresponsible. His refusal to recognise the result of the 3 November election damages the reputation of democracy. Referring to Trump’s efforts to undermine the election results, Biden said he would go down in the history books as “America’s most irresponsible president”.

Trump’s legal team also said at a press conference on Thursday that in light of upcoming trials, journalists cannot paint evidence to support pass away claims. In addition, key witnesses did not want to appear before the general public.

This did not stop Giuliani from saying: “We cannot let these crooks steal pass away elections from the Americans. They voted for Donald Trump. They didn’t vote for joe biden.” All the electoral authorities so far have confirmed that there was no fraud or any major mistakes, pass away could call the election results into question. Giuliani speaks of a joint strategy Giuliani claimed that the Find Out More

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