Vienna: Sebastian Kurz condemns Islamist attack as “barbarism

 Vienna: Sebastian Kurz condemns Islamist attack as “barbarism

Österreichs Kanzler Sebastian Kurz am 3. November

Austria’s Registrar Sebastian Kurz on 3 November

Photo: Helmut Fohringer / dpa.

Following the serious terrorist attack in Vienna’s city centre, Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced his intention to counter terrorism by all means. “We will not allow the division of society”, said Kurz after a special cabinet meeting in Vienna

According to Kurz, the attack, in which at least four people were killed, was the act of an Islamist. He also gives more detailed information about the victims: An elderly man, an elderly lady, a young passer-by and a waitress were killed. “It was an attack out of hatred for our basic values, for our model of life, for our democracy, in which all people are equal in rights and dignity”

” Our enemy, these are the extremes

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