‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’: The Trump Years

 ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’: The Trump Years
Then-President Donald Trump dances to the music as he departs at the end of a project rally in Carson City, Nev., October 18,2020 ( Carlos Barria/Reuters)

With apologies to the terrific Billy Joel


Mad Dog Mattis, Betsy D, Sean Spicer, Mick Mul-va

Crowd-size countin’, border walling, pussy hats state no

Muslim bannin’, Stephen Bannon, She continued, Jeffrey Sessions

Comey fired, Spicer fired, Mar-a-Lago

Covfefe, Gorsuch, Michael Flynn, Franken’s touch

Tom Price, Charlottesville, and a stopped working health-care-bill

Omarosa, Mueller’s group, Little Rocket Male’s mean

Fire and Fury, deep-state worry, Scaramucci farewell


We didn’t begin the fire

It was always burning because the world’s been turning

We didn’t start the fire

No we didn’t light it however we tried to eliminate it


Stable Genius, Parkland kids, pee tape and Helsinki fibs

Stormy Daniels, Avenatti, clashi

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