What a post-Trump media looks like– still splintered, still discovering realities a tough sell

 What a post-Trump media looks like– still splintered, still discovering realities a tough sell

The Trump years splintered the US media. Now a larger issue has emerged: can the media survive without him?

( Image: Yegor Aleyev/TASS/Sipa U.S.A.)

Just recently, Trump might set the news agenda across the Western world with a tweet, shaping the reporting equally for both conservative and more fact-based journalism.

Now, he’s on the fringes, the media fragmentation he hid is falling out into the open as the media shifts in action to the Joe Biden shift.

In the large conservative Anglo-sphere media– particularly dominant in Australia due to News Corp– fact-based journalism is showing too hard a sell. Faced with a flight of its devoted viewers to more extreme outlets like NewsMax and the One America News Network, Fox News has slipped from the leading cable news supplier, falling behind the centrist CNN and the more progressive MSNBC.

It’s tricky for Fox: it generates income by being essential shows for cable business. Now, it’s being wedged in between the social licence of “news” and losing its audience to new digital players.

Today, the Murdochs acquiesced their Trumpian audience, with an internal Fox purge showed in 3 core programs changes: moving from 8pm to 7pm the turnover from daytime news to after-dark viewpoint (with a brand-new program for Trump’s existing interviewer of option Maria Bartiromo); giving a greater opinion focus to “news” with its option of day-time configured visitors and speakers; and moving on the key gamers who, with a foolish reliance on information instead of the Trumpian fraud narrative, decided to called Arizona for Biden on election night.

In that continuous cultural to-and-fro within the Murdoch business, Fox will end up being more like Australia’s Sky. Anticipate that continued “lost cause” election scams narrative to feature frequently in Sky after dark programs, with its more

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