What happens to Trump now?

 What happens to Trump now?

It’s still unclear what will happen to Trump after the elections. (picture: Keystone)




Back to reality TV, in court, or both? What could happen to Donald Trump after he’s voted out of office

Confidence is part of every election campaign, and if there is one thing Donald Trump is not lacking, it is this. But even by his own standards, the US president went out on a limb when he claimed that he would be competing in the election against “the worst candidate” ever. And if he should lose to the Democrat Joe Biden after all? “I may have to leave the country,” the Republican mocked in mid-October

Trump still refuses to acknowledge his defeat against Biden. What happens to Trump after that?

Trumpism remains

It is foreseeable that Trump– who has always stressed that he is not a professional politician– may be from Washington, but he will not disappear into oblivion. “Trump will likely prove more resilient than expected and will almost certainly remain a powerful and disruptive force in American life,” wrote pass away “New York Times

Trump may have been voted out, but Trumpism, his ideology, is not passé. The rumbling president received more than 70 million votes in the election, and one in two voters would have liked him to serve a second term

In a pre-election poll by the “Washington Inspector”, 38 percent of his Republican supporters said that if he were defeated, he would run for president again later. Legally, there would be no objection if he wanted to run again in 2024.

Trump is likely to continue to attract attention through his Twitter account with more than 88 million subscribers, it is his private one. After four years of continuous fire on @realdonaldtrump, it is foreseeable that Trump will continue to comment on world events via tweets in the future – after all, he did this even before his presidency

The “Criminal Record”

Legally it could be for Trum

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