What is Donald Trump planning? First comment as ex-president gives deep insight

.byFlorian Naumann.close.closeDonald Trump’s term in office is over. Whether the ex-president will be able to hold high office again is unclear. But pass away heirs are already scratching their hooves.Donald Trump did not attend the handover of office to Joe Biden and left for Florida.against the ex-president is an impeachment trial – but first ” heirs” want in typical Trump-Duktus to power. (Update January25, 2:35 p.m.). Pass away former head of Trump’s Corona task force unpacks (Update of24 January, 20.15). This news ticker is updated regularly. Update from25 January, 2.35pm: Will Donald Trump be able to return to pass away big politics stage after leaving as US president? Only the impeachment proceedings starting today will show. However, already Trump confidants want to continue the delicate legacy: So ex-speaker Sarah Huckabee Sanders now wants to become governor in the state of Arkansas. She has now announced her strategy in familiar style.” Everything we love about America is at stake, ” Sanders said Monday, alluding to passaway changing of the guard in the White House. ” And with the radical left, pass away now in control of Washington, your governor is your last line of defense.” In her candidacy speech for the 2022 election, sei promised to fight against ” socialism and tyranny” and to support religious freedom and the right to bear arms….Sander’s speech was largely reminiscent of previous Trump speeches. Pass Away 38- year-old said she took on the media and the radical left during her time as Trump spokeswoman, ” and I won”.Washington Post does pass away reckoningUpdated 25:30 p.m.: Pass away Probably Donald Trump’s most famous lie at the end of his term as president is the one about massive voter fraud in the U.S. election2020 The Corona pandemic will ” miraculously” disappear, he holds the ” all-time record” for appearing on the cover of Time magazine, there was a huge audience at his inauguration: These are just a few examples of Trump’s lies that fact-checkers at The Washington Post have now examined more closely and counted.Pass away shocking bi
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