When and How Joe Biden Must Declare Success

 When and How Joe Biden Must Declare Success

If Pennsylvania goes for Biden, he needs to move instantly and decisively to state that Trump has been defeated.

Joe Biden is a rule-follower running versus a rule-breaker. So, while Donald Trump was hectic revealing in the wee hours of Wednesday early morning, “Frankly, we did win this election”– when in reality the race was too close to call– Biden counseled care. Trump’s statement was ranked “ egregiously incorrect” by fact-checkers. Biden’s declaration hit such a proper note that it got compliments even from Republicans for his “client” but “positive” message

With each passing hour, nevertheless, it’s looking increasingly most likely that the Democrat soon will need to cast aside caution.Biden has actually currently won two of the 3 states that offered Trump an Electoral College advantage and the presidency in 2016— Wisconsin and Michigan– and the long count in the third state, Pennsylvania, is trending in his favor Where Trump led by over 500,000 votes on Wednesday in Pennsylvania, his advantage had collapsed on Thursday to hardly 78,000 votes “The Biden individuals are very positive.

When, exactly? “I can’t make that guesstimate,” stated Casey. However he included, “No question, I think, Joe Biden will win the state.”

If Biden wins Pennsylvania, he wins the presidency

By Thursday afternoon, Biden was projected as the winner of states with 253 electoral votes, as compared with 213 for Trump. He requires 270 to win. He can arrive most rapidly and easily by means of Pennsylvania, with 20 electoral votes. Or he can go by means of a mix of states that are still counting– Georgia with 16 electoral votes, North Carolina with 15, Arizona with 11, and Nevada with 6. As of

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