Whether Trump or Biden wins, Palace sees ‘no major changes’ in relations with US

 Whether Trump or Biden wins, Palace sees ‘no major changes’ in relations with US

Whether Trump or Biden wins, Palace sees ‘no major modifications’ in relations with United States

MANILA, Philippines– The world awaits with bated breath as the United States chooses it next leader but Malacañang on Wednesday stated it does not anticipate any considerable modifications in relations with the superpower regardless of who wins the presidency.

” You see the state department makes sure continuity as far as United States diplomacy is concerned. We don’t expect any significant modifications on the bilateral relations between the Philippines and the United States,” presidential spokesperson Harry Roque stated in an interivew with CNN Philippines’ “The Source.”

Accoridng to New York-headquartered think tank Council on Foreign Relations, US foreign policy is affected by both the president and by United States Congress

It keeps in mind that Congress has the power to “‘ manage commerce with foreign nations,”state war,”raise and support armies,”offer and keep a navy,’ and ‘make rules for the federal government and regulation of the land and naval forces.'”

The United States president, meanwhile, has “the powers to make treaties and select ambassadors with the recommendations and approval of the Senate”, and “the implicit authority to acknowledge foreign governments and perform diplomacy with other nations normally.”

Roque said Wednesday: “Obviously, there’s a problem of individual relations however I believe, given time, the president can establish warm, individual relations with whoever wins this election.”

US State Department under Trump

The United States State Department, nevertheless, has actually become unrecognizable under US President Donald Trump. In 2018, over a year after Trump took workplace, US media outlets alerted that key positions in the state department were still vacant. He also designated a record percentage of his own monetary donors to ambassadorships, who forced out career diplomats from America’s embassies abroad

Peter Michael McKinely, former senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in an viewpoint piece for The Atlantic, defined the American state department as an organization on the edge of politicization.

As it stands, it is unclear if such a firm, reportedly filled with political appointees and a marked lack of career civil servants, can be depended on to ensure a smooth transition between administrations.

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