Why the 2020 US presidential transition is so dangerous

 Why the 2020 US presidential transition is so dangerous

Remember those awkward photo ops from the 2016 presidential transition, when president Barack Obama attempted to prep his successor Donald Trump? Don’t count on a new version of those democracy-affirming grip-and-grins in 2020 between Trump and president-elect Joe Biden.

Few will miss the photo opportunity, but there are real implications: The Trump administration is delaying nuts-and-bolts practicalities that ensure the business of the US government continues uninterrupted.

Nuclear weapons, natural disasters, and international negotiations-not to mention a pandemic and resulting economic recession-all require a seamless transition. America has solutions for this challenge. By law, winning presidential candidates are provided with office space and funds that help staff up a new administration, as well as briefings and reports on current activities to make sure new officials hit the ground running. This is obviously most critical when it comes to classified national security issues.

Non-partisan experts have been fretting about the Trump team’s lack of interest in transition planning,

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