With the support of the left, Biden can deliver progressive gains

 With the support of the left, Biden can deliver progressive gains

Days after the 2020 governmental race was lastly called for Joe Biden, there is still cause for progressive Americans who voted against Trump and Trumpism to be worried.

Support for Trump has increased in genuine terms– from nearly 63 million votes in 2016 to well over 73 million this year. Post-election tensions are emerging between progressive and centrist factions of the Democratic Celebration who had not long ago signed up with forces to run a disciplined and unifying electoral campaign.

Centrists such as James Clyburn and Abigail Spanberger are holding the progressive wing of the party accountable for what they consider as Democratic underperformance in the election, and casting doubt on the practicality of running on a progressive platform in the 2 Senate runoffs in Georgia in January– which may end Republican control of the Senate.

Popular left-wing intellectuals, meanwhile, are warning the Biden-Harris success might end up being simply a progressive “mirage”.

In the instant consequences of the election, Judith Butler issued an effective counterclaim of Trump and Trumpism but also distanced herself from the centrism of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Naomi Klein likewise voiced her pessimism about the progressive potential customers of this ticket. In a recent viewpoint piece, she criticised the Democratic Party’s failure to get extensive popular assistance, and echoing Butler, stressed that “a fantastic many people did not choose Joe Biden, they voted against Trump”.

Is the left’s lukewarm reception of the Biden-Harris victory validated? Do we really have factor to be sceptical of the progressive potential customers of the inbound Democratic administration?

Reason for optimism

As the vote count reaches the lasts, Biden’s win is looking far more decisive than it performed in the early post-election days. He is now leading with nearly 6 million votes nationally and has registered the biggest number of choose a United States president ever, in an election marked b

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