Without official immunity: What Trump faces after an election defeat

 Without official immunity: What Trump faces after an election defeat

Without official immunity What Trump faces after an election defeat

Donald Trump fights doggedly in the face of defeat. For him, it is about more than office: The US president must expect lawsuits after the handover of office, numerous preliminary proceedings are already underway. Why not even a pardon could protect him, which Trump has to expect.

The more his lead in the all-decisive Swing State Pennsylvania shrank, the more nervous Donald Trump became. The US president repeatedly contacted his supporters on Thursday via short message service Twitter, called for an end to the counting in capital letters and criticized an imaginary election fraud for which there are no reality-based indications whatsoever. But defeat, this much is clear, will not be accepted by Trump.

The president fights. He has been holed up in the White House for days, has not appeared in public since election day. Instead, he whips his supporters on pass away street, possibly to force a result in his favour. Unsuccessfully, as it stands now.

That Trump is so doggedly opposed to being voted out of office may not just be related to his need to serve the country or his ego. Among other things, he faces criminal prosecution and a mountain of debt.

All of the recent Biden declared States will be legally challenged by us for Voter Scams and State Election Scams.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 5, 2020

The New York city Times counts a total of 18 preliminary and federal and state investigations against Trump, his company or his campaign team and its environment. Among other things it is about the misuse of donations, tax offences and fraud Im Minute passier

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