Xbox Series X silicon: the Hot Chips 2020 breakdown

 Xbox Series X silicon: the Hot Chips 2020 breakdown

Earlier this week, Microsoft took part in the Hot Chips 2020 seminar to deliver its now traditional console silicon breakdown, this time focusing on the core cosmetics of the Xbox Series X ‘Project Scarlett’ processor and how it compares to its predecessors.

Kicking off the presentation, Microsoft’s silicon engineers revealed the Xbox Series X processor lay-out – the die-shot – showing how all of the specific components slot into location within a single 360.4 mm 2 slice of silicon. A similar amount of location is likewise taken in by the GDDR6 memory controllers – there are ten of these in total – and while they address 16 GB of overall RAM in a retail console, the channels are also excellent for 40 GB of memory in the Project Scarlett devkit, and we should presume that once incorporated into the Azure cloud, the chips will be using some other kind of non-retail memory set-up.

A video breakdown of the Xbox Series X Hot Chips 2020 presentation.

We can also assume that these server-class CPUs will also take their location as standard Windows servers when not used for video gaming – and if that level of recognition for the chip has actually been achieved, there are some intriguing possibilities in releasing

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