YouTube shuts down pro-Trump channel OAN for a week

 YouTube shuts down pro-Trump channel OAN for a week

Corona virus disinformation

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OAN’s headquarters in San Diego.Picture © ANP.

The ultra-conservative news channel One America News Network (OAN) is not allowed to post videos on YouTube for a week. The video platform announced this yesterday. The network proclaimed untruths about drugs against the coronavirus.

Also, OAN can’t make a week’s worth of money with content already on the channel. The channel reports that there are funds guaranteed to cure pass away Covid-19, and that violates YouTube’s disinformation policy on the coronavirus.


It is the first time that the video platform, which is owned by Google, intervenes against the relatively small transmitter, is pass away pro-Trump. OAN is one of the purple right-wing channels pass away just like the president still weige

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